Retirement is often synonymous with being rewarded for all the hours you have worked for so many years: so much effort and planning before you can enjoy this long-awaited milestone! One thing’s for sure: retirement changes our relation with time: gone are the days when you are racing against the clock; you now get to enjoy much more free time. How do you manage your new schedule and adapt to this new way of life? To make the most of this stage of your life, here are 5 benefits of choosing to buy a VIVA condo in Laval.


1) Quality of life

Modern design, a lovely view of the city of Laval and peace of mind are just some of the advantages often discussed by our project owners. New retirees are fully active and they have plenty of projects that they can devote themselves to with complete peace of mind. No more stressing over leaving home for long weekends, family vacations or even while traveling around the world. No more headaches caused by endless renovations to keep the house as trendy as possible. Furthermore, no need for finding new vocations for the children’s rooms vacated by their departure from the family home.


2) Accessibility to services

Living in VIVA Urban Condos means being right in the heart of the action near the Centropolis in Laval, close to everything and with a quick access to highways and public transportation. Yes, retirement frees up more time, but that is no reason to waste it on increasingly busy roads, especially when you can do so many activities close to your living environment. The VIVA urban condominium projects are conveniently located, it is even one of the main benefits mentioned by residents.
On site you will discover walking trails, enchanting gardens, fountains, a sunbathing area, a practice green for golfers, a private gym and much more. In addition to all of these, you will also find pharmacies, banks, health centers, grocery stores, bakeries, fish markets and many other specialty shops right by your condominium. There are more than 300 shops and boutiques nearby! With all these possibilities, if you keep running, it will be your choice and only at the gym!


3) Entertainment

Nearby services make your everyday life convenient, but you also want to have some fun! Around VIVA Condos, you will find a wide range of activities for all tastes, starting with our partner the Laval Rocket whose games are played at Place Bell, a building where all kinds of different shows. And that’s not all: you’re also close to Salle André-Mathieu and Maison des Arts de Laval where you can get you culture fix. Once again within walking distance, there is a Cineplex where you can see all your favorite movies, right by a wide variety of restaurants, bars and cafés.
One thing’s for sure, it’s really not that hard to find new activities to try around here! We suggest you browse through our articles to discover nature attractions and restaurants.


4) Living area & maintenance

By choosing a condo rather than a house, you can significantly reduce the number of tasks related to the maintenance of a home. With a condo, no more lawn mowing, landscaping, pool maintenance or even snow removal! No need to even plan for tool or lawn cleaning! In addition to avoiding all the stress related to those tasks, you won’t have to worry about managing major renovations either.
Aside from maintenance, leaving a house for a condo will most assuredly reduce your living space since more often than not, the condo has fewer rooms. There’s also a good chance that the storage room offered with the condo is smaller than your current garage or shed. That means it is the perfect moment to start sorting out what you don’t need anymore or things you won’t be needing once you move. You can give the unused items to people around you or sell them on classified sites like Kijiji ou Lespac. Il est même possible de faire un don pour les gens dans le besoin en passant par des organismes comme Renaissance, Value Village or Le Chaînon.


5) Social life

Being retired may have an impact on your social life, as seeing your (ex)co-workers every day will now be a thing of the past. You will surely meet people who share the same hobbies as you among other residents of the VIVA urban condos project! Also, have you thought about suggesting a friend or family member to settle in VIVA urban condos in Laval just like you? Living close to one another means it is a lot easier to enjoy activities together like going to the movies, the restaurant, skating, taking a walk and more! Also, if you intend on taking a trip, you can always count on each other to water the plants, retrieve the mail, etc. Lastly, if you are single, a trusted person close to you will help provide a feeling of security.


As you may have noticed, there are many benefits to living at VIVA urban condos in Laval as new retirees! Enjoy your retirement!

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