There are so many benefits to living in a VIVA Condo during winter. Located in the heart of Centropolis, this magnificent residential project offers unbeatable access to highways 15 and 440. Furthermore, spending the winter months in a condo greatly facilitates your everyday life. If you are considering trading in the responsibilities of your standalone home for the peace of mind of a superb, ideally located and brand new condo, take a look at the following guide!


  • 1) Enjoy the benefits of indoor parking

Allocated to each VIVA condo purchase is an indoor parking space which means no more brushing the heavy snow off your car in the morning, no more scraping ice off your windshield before leaving home and no more starting your car remotely to warm it up before each outing. With a heated garage, you step into a comfortable car, at your leisure, every day of the year, regardless of the weather. What a difference it makes to park indoors!

indoor parking condo Laval


  • 2) No more shoveling!

You no longer have to secure snow removal services for your driveway and you no longer need to cover steps and porches with deicing products to prevent falls and accidents; two less things to worry about and spend your time and resources on!

snow removal winter


  • 3) Peace of mind while you travel

Should you decide to travel during the winter months, unlike in a home, you will not have to turn off the water and unplug the dishwasher, washer, dryer and electronic appliances such as the television and stereo. Furthermore, you leave with peace of mind thanks to the security provided in a superior urban complex like VIVA Condos.

trip south during winter


  • 4) Save on maintenance costs

The upkeep of a house is typically more expensive than that of a condo as are the heating and electrical expenditures. Enjoy yourself AND save!

save finances cell phone


  • 5) Ride public transportation, it’s easy!

Are you uncomfortable driving in inclement weather? If so, opt for the 360 shuttle which loops around downtown Laval seven days a week. You need no reservation and no ticket to use this free of charge transportation service! The shuttle departs from dock 8 of the Montmorency terminal every twenty minutes, and there is even a stop on the Avenue du Cosmodôme, directly in front of VIVA condos.

navette 360 laval centropolis

You want to simplify your life by trading in your standalone home for a condo unit? Look no further than the VIVA complex in the heart of Centropolis in Laval! From its ideal location to the superb quality of its construction, from its comfort to its practicality, this complex will not only meet but exceed your requirements. Contact us to plan a visit, you will not regret it!


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