What questions should you ask yourself before choosing your dream condo? First of all, is it a good real estate investment? Second, what is the optimal surface area that suits your needs? In terms of quality of construction, is your condo soundproof? Will it benefit from maximum daylight? Finally, will the delivery date be respected given the interior finishes you have chosen?


1) Location, location, location

It cannot be said often enough, location is one of the most important elements to consider in choosing your future condo. The increase in value of your condominium unit over the years will indeed be mostly related to its location.

Here’s how the VIVA real estate project stands out in that regard:

  • Close to major roads and quick access to highways 15 and 440, facilitating your daily commute.
  • Proximity to stores and other services: pharmacies, grocery stores, medical centers / hospitals, financial institutions
  • Community life: close to shops, restaurants, Centropolis, Place Bell, etc.
  • Panoramic view: magnificent urban landscape, both day and night.


2) What are the ideal dimensions for your personal needs?

Studio? 3 ½? 4 ½ with 1 or 2 bathrooms? 5 ½? A penthouse? What are your needs in terms of surface area? A 4 ½ unit with 2 bedrooms might be perfect for a couple or someone living alone. The second bedroom could be used as an office or a guest room to accommodate family and friends. The 2nd bathroom has almost become a standard as the main one is usually connected to the master bedroom while the other one is useful for guests. If you’re moving from a house to a condo, you may have to dispose of some furniture and accessories, but a 5 ½ unit may be more suited to your needs as it gives you more space.

By knowing the surface area of the different condominium units, you’ll be able to compare the available space. Did you know that in Quebec, there in no law governing the calculation of the area of condos for sale? Therefore, it is important to know about certain elements, for example if the surface area of the unit includes the terrace or not. Be sure to also check where the heating equipment and water heater will be installed as their location may have an impact on your actual living space.


3) Is my condo efficiently soundproofed?

Ask your promoter about the acoustic performance and quality of soundproofing. With regards to the quality of construction, VIVA Urban Condos is accredited by the « Garantie Habitation des Maîtres Bâtisseurs » in the Prestige homes category. This accreditation is awarded exclusively to contractors belonging to an elite class who develop projects that meet the highest quality standards.


4) Where is my condo oriented in regards to sunlight?

Thanks to our new interactive tool, available in VIVA Condos urban project’s sales office, you can easily see if your condo will benefit form the best orientations regarding sunshine hours. East, Southeast, South, Southwest and West are the better options if you prefer direct sunlight. To the North, you’ll enjoy natural daylight throughout the day. If your condo is facing south and has multiple windows, you will enjoy a hot summer sun and air conditioning is recommended during that time of year.


5) Finishing touches and delivery date

Purchasing a new condo will allow you to further customize your unit by choosing floors, kitchen cabinets, counters, etc. Perhaps also add a modern gas fireplace that will fit seamlessly into your decor. To avoid delays and better plan your move, pay attention to the delivery date provided by the promoter. If delays occur, stay informed!

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