Technology is constantly evolving and is now supporting us on a daily basis to make our lives easier. Have you noticed that many objects around us are now connected, whether it’s a cell phone, television, game console or fridge? VIVA Condos Urbains in Laval is looking to the future and now offers its clientele smart condos with home automation, at the cutting edge of technology. You even have the chance to visit our very first smart condo unit today in phase 5 of the VIVA project! What is a smart condo? What is home automation? How does it work? How will these automated elements simplify your life in a practical way?


1) What is a smart condo?

A condo is said to be smart when it includes a set of automated management techniques applied to the property (comfort, security, communication), this system being referred to as home automation. VIVA Condos Urbains has chosen Homesync as its home automation partner in order to offer you the best in this field. Homesync was founded in 2009 and is a specialist in this field. Their team consists of 35 devoted people who install a few hundred home automation systems every year.

Thanks to this partner specialized in home automation, future owners will be able to automate lighting, audio, video and motorized blinds in their condo. The goal being to simplify your life, you will have access to a single interface that is simple, reliable and easy to use. The application on your tablet or cell phone will allow you to control not only lighting but also music, movies and blinds with a single click.


2) Smart audio system controlled by home automation

Enjoy a high-fidelity sound system that will allow you to make the most of every note and every lyric of your favorite artists in the comfort of your condo. Our intelligent sound package includes a set of ceiling-mounted speakers. These can be integrated into your living room, dining room or bathroom.

You will be able to hear your favorite music all day long, whether it is on your radio station or via an internet service such as TuneIn. Your audio system will join you either to create a dynamic atmosphere when you’re cooking or a calm atmosphere during your meals in the dining room. It can also contribute to your relaxation in your bubble bath with the soft music of your choice. You will have access to your audio system in every room of your condo or only in the room where you are. No need to find a consensus on the musical artists since it will be possible for everyone to listen to the music of their choice depending on the room they are in.


3) Lighting control

There are numerous benefits that come with having the Intelligent Lighting package. For example, you had to leave your condo quickly this morning because you had an important appointment and you’re not sure if you turned off the lights? With home automation, you will be able to turn on the lights as soon as you wake up and turn them off as soon as you leave your condo. You will save energy because you will be able to turn off the lights as soon as no one is detected in a room.
Au retour du travail, votre éclairage peut aussi s’activer dès votre arrivée! Vous n’avez donc plus à chercher les interrupteurs une fois entré dans votre condo.

When you return from work, your lights can also be turned on as soon as you arrive. You no longer have to look for switches once you enter your condo!

With voice command, you can control lighting with your voice. When you get home with your hands full of grocery bags, all you have to do is ask to switch the lights on. Another advantage of intelligent lighting? From the comfort of your own bed, you can turn off all the lights in your condo.


4) Smart home theater

In addition to the in-wall speakers mentioned above, live the movie experience in the comfort of your condo. With your smart home theater, you’ll make all movie lovers jealous! In fact, at the touch of a button, you can turn off the lights, start the movie and control the sound. Great, isn’t it?


5) Motorized blinds control

Our motorized blinds will match beautifully with your condo’s decor. They are available in different degrees of translucency to maintain maximum brightness. What is the advantage of having motorized blinds? When you wake up, you will be able to open your blinds to take full advantage of the warm rays of the sun and at bedtime, to hide the lighting in the neighbourhood and ensure a good night’s sleep, you will be able to close them automatically. Improve the security of your condo when you move around by having your blinds raised and lowered remotely using your application.

Whether you’re at work or travelling, always stay connected with your condo. This makes it easier to control everything remotely and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. You can leave with complete peace of mind and no worries.

Ready for the smart condo with home automation?
Come visit our model unit today in phase 5 of the VIVA Condos Urbains project in Laval!

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