Given how many hours we spend at home, being comfortable there is a fundamental component of happiness. There are numerous competing reasons to live in one place versus another. Have you ever pondered the tangible and widespread impact this selection has on your daily life? Life is short so here are 5 ways in which VIVA can maximize your quality of life and your fulfillment.


  • Comfort and luxury

In co-ownership, comfort rhymes with quality. It is on this basic premise that we developed the VIVA project, pursuing it even beyond the refined contemporary design which, incidentally, earned us the Award for Excellence in the “Prestige Homes” category by the Guarantee Home Builders Masters.

What can you expect? An elevator, 9-foot ceilings, quartz countertops, superior soundproofing, large windows; everything you need to feel wonderful inside your home.

And since your condo is brand new, you get to put your own stamp by selecting materials and colors of your choice. So… what shade would you like these cupboards to be?

kitchen condos VIVA at Laval


  • Eating healthy or… treating yourself?

Healthy eating is a sure way to improve your mood and boost your energy. Considered the father of naturopathy, Hippocrates was a visionary when he proclaimed: “Let your food be your only medicine”. To that end, you will agree that living near markets, specialty shops and grocery stores makes it significantly easier to eat healthy.

The good news? All of these are located within steps of the VIVA project. Within 3 minutes walking distance, you have access to the Fruiterie 440, the Odessa fish market, La Supérieure butcher shop, a Première Moisson bakery and much more!

Want to treat yourself? Delectable options of restaurants, bakeries and others abound, also within walking distance…

Epicurean? Imagine having immediate access to this abundance of delicious food and fresh produce! In the mood to be taken care of today? Relax and savor the anticipation, as your scrumptious meal is being delivered! Either way, enjoy and Bon Appétit!

Marché Gourmand of Laval


  • Move to your heart’s content

Being active has a ton of benefits, whether physical, psychological and even emotional. From theory to practice however, many factors can hinder your pursuit.

One of these obstacles is certainly the distance to the gym. Leaving home after a long day to go work out is not always easy. At VIVA, training is as convenient as it gets!

First and foremost, all of our projects have a private gym so you can be exercising literally minutes after leaving your condo. With this kind of convenience, it is difficult to pass up the opportunity to pursue fitness.

And there is even more. Since VIVA is located in the heart of Centropolis, a multitude of different activities are offered throughout the year. Are you interested in practicing Yoga? Zumba? Circuit-Fitness? Everything is just minutes away from your home.

In addition to all these, a new 3-pool aquatic complex is planned for 2020.

With so many activities available nearby, a new life awaits you!

  • Entertainment

Given work, chores and sleep, how much time do you have to devote to entertainment? Between our obligations and our routine, it is challenging to carve out time for ourselves.

VIVA also means living next door to everything we want to enjoy on a daily basis. Movie theaters, boutiques, stores, cafes, bars, restaurants, services, etc. are all immediately accessible.

In addition to being located in the heart of Centropolis, VIVA gives easy access to the 15 and the 440, two major arteries within Greater Montreal.

If time is a precious commodity for you, you will be amazed at the impact choosing VIVA has on your life.

  • Serene and care free living

Part of being comfortable at home is also being immersed in a calm and peaceful environment. Unlike other manufacturers who do not worry about their occupants’ private bubbles, we consciously build our condos with superior soundproofing to ensure your peace and quiet.

Add to that your own balcony, private indoor parking and freedom from chores such as lawn maintenance and snow removal.

We know that moving is a big commitment and that the selection process is significant in complexity and far reaching in scope. But notwithstanding the stress involved, moving is also a great opportunity to choose an environment tailored made to your goals and aspirations, thereby improving your quality of life.

Time flies; we want you to make the most of it! VIVA la Vida!


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