When the time to buy a new condo comes, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is how many rooms you will need. To answer this question, several elements must be taken into consideration. Are you leaving your home to live in a condo? Do you often have family and friends for overnight stays? Do you have a favorite hobby that requires the use of a dedicated room? The condo with 3 bedrooms, commonly called 5 ½, will offer you many layout possibilities. Here are some of the advantages that your condo’s 3rd room can offer you!


1) More space to welcome family and friends

If you already live in a 5 ½ condo, organizing the rooms will be pretty easy since you will only have to change the layout of the furniture and add a few decorative elements to harmonize your new decor.

If you live in a 4 ½ condo and you regularly run out of space to accommodate visitors, the 5 ½ will offer you an additional room to accommodate children, grandchildren or visiting friends.

If you have sold your house and are moving into a new condo, 5 ½ is a must! Over the years, you will have accumulated a lot of furniture, paintings, lamps, clothes and many other objects. You will be delighted to have enough space to house 3 sets of bedrooms. This way, during your family reunions, you won’t have to ask your guests to leave when it’s time to go to sleep.


2) More space to set up a home office

If you wish to keep 2 bedrooms (for a child, for your guests or if you are a couple but no longer share the same room), the 3rd room could be very useful for your office. A great place to keep your computer or laptop that allows you to communicate with family and friends, follow the news, shop online, pay your bills online, watch videos that match your interests and much more!

Furthermore, if your office uses little space in this room and you still want to host visiting family or friends, you might consider installing a fold-away bed. This type of bed is very practical and takes up very little space since it can be stored vertically.

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3) More space for your hobbies and leisure activities

Have you thought about setting up the third room especially for your hobby or activities?

  • A reading corner with a bookshelf full of your favourite books and a comfortable armchair
  • A corner dedicated to painting on canvas where you can store easel, canvases, brushes, paint tubes, etc.
  • A collector’s corner with all your travel souvenirs, board games, CDs, puzzles or photo albums that you cherish so much!


4) More storing space

It is possible that when you move into your new condo, you may not want to part with certain possessions of yours. After selling what you no longer need and evaluating the space available in your condo, you may consider keeping some furniture/items that are of great value to you. In this case, the third bedroom could be used for storage. For example, your golf clubs and equipment will be within reach when the season starts.


5) Better resale value

Since the number of rooms in your 5 ½ is higher compared to a 4 ½, you will have to invest more when you acquire it. On the other hand, when you sell your condo, you will get a better return on your investment. Just something to think about!

Whether you are alone, a couple or a family, the purchase of a 5 ½ condo including 3 bedrooms represents a real estate asset with an excellent return on investment in addition to making your life easier in many ways.

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