You will have the chance to welcome your loved ones to your home this holiday season in your magnificent VIVA condominium? Christmas is often associated with gifts, but what is dearest to our hearts, it is these beautiful moments shared together. To enjoy quality time with your loved ones, why not organize some activities to do near your condo in the Centropolis neighborhood in Laval?

There are a lots of activities to do near VIVA Condos! Here are 10 activities that will liven up your holiday season, just steps from home!

  1. Family Brunch at Allô! Mon Coco Centropolis
    100 Promenade Du Centropolis, Laval, QC H7T 2Z6

    Eggs, waffles, pancakes, French toast, and more! Everyone will be delighted, from the youngest to the eldest. A beautiful decor, a charming menu and a welcoming staff. Everything is in place to have a good time. Note that the restaurant is so popular that it is better to arrive early during weekends and holidays.

    Allô! Mon Coco


  3. Chocolate Fondue at Juliette & Chocolat Centrolopis
    525 Promenade Du Centropolis, Laval, QC H7T 0A3

    How about enjoying a good chocolate fondue as a dessert? You will find a nice variety of fondue chocolates at Juliette & Chocolat, and you can even eat there if you wish. Let yourself be tempted by dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or even Christmas candy cane chocolate!

    Juliette et Chocolat


  5. Climbing at Clip ‘n Climb
    2929 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7T 2Y8

    A safe bet during the holiday season; an indoor center. No matter if there is freezing rain or there is a snowstorm, the Clip ‘n Climb Climbing Center will allow you to untie your legs. Entertainment for all! Climbing walls of different levels are offered.

    Clip N' Climb


  7. Activity for Thrill-Seekers : Fly at SkyVenture
    2700 Ave du Cosmodôme, Laval, QC H7T 2X1

    Have you always dreamed of flying or experiencing the free fall? Live an unforgettable experience at SkyVenture, without worrying about your loved ones safety. Accompanied by professionals of aerobatics, you will be able to live this exceptional experience close to VIVA condos. People who go with you may also watch you fly.



  9. Cosmodôme to become aware of our place in the universe
    2150 Autoroute des Laurentides, Laval, QC H7T 2T8

    A visit to the Cosmodôme, located close to the VIVA condos, is also a must. Did you know the Cosmodome is the only institution in Canada devoted entirely to the wider diffusion of space sciences. Visitors can experience three virtual missions where they become a hero of space exploration. Each mission explores a theme such as the solar system, time travel or challenges to Mars.



  11. Outdoor ice skating at Place Centrale du Centropolis to enjoy winter joys
    1799 Avenue Pierre-Péladeau, Laval, QC H7T 2Y5 (Place centrale)

    Outdoor skating with family, lovers or friends is one of the winter pleasures! When snowflakes slowly fall, it even brings a touch of magic! No need to be an ace of this sport to enjoy! It’s perfect when you want to move and it’s free! If you do not have skates, it is possible to rent them on site. Every day between 9h and 23h. Fun Guaranteed!

    Outdoor ice skating Laval


  13. Putting Edge at Centropolis, glow in the dark mini golf
    105, promenade du Centropolis, Laval (Québec) H7T 0B3

    Escape the ordinary! Discover a new and exciting twist on the traditional game of minigolf; glow in the dark mini golf. The effect of fluorescent colors on a black background is striking! Form a group of 4 people (maximum) to play a game of mini-golf (ages 4 and up). For a round of 18-hole, allow about 45 minutes. You can also play arcade games when mini golf is over.

    Putting Edge


  15. MontVR at Centropolis, to live the virtual reality
    2941 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7T 2Y8

    Have you been amazed by “Player One” movie? MontVR is for you! Participate in action games or world discovery games that all take place in virtual reality! A wide choice of games is available (25 games). It will be easy for you to find the one you like. You can go alone or in a group (multiplayer) virtual reality through these immersive games. Good to know: The MontVR is for both beginners and experts. Moreover, for those who are at their first experience, qualified staff will guide you.



  17. Cinéplex at Centropolis, to escape from everyday life
    2800 avenue Du Cosmodôme, Laval, QC, H7T 2X1

    One of the best way to escape from everyday life is to see a movie. Projection on large screen, exceptional sound quality, large selection of films, not to mention the famous popcorn! Animated movies, small and large productions are on display. With glasses for 3D movie projections, you will have a better immersive experience! Enjoy your movie!


  19. Nüva Beauté et Spa, to take care of you
    1750 Avenue Pierre-Péladeau, Laval, QC H7T 2Z1

    To be at your best or to offer you a moment of relaxation, go to Nüva Beauty and Spa (formerly Spa Orazio). This beauty salon and spa offers all the beauty treatments from head to toe in addition to massage therapy services. Hair care, makeup, tanning spray, aesthetics, body care, massage therapy, laser hair removal and aesthetic medical care. Good relaxation!

    Nüva Beauté et Spa


    Certainly, the location of the VIVA condominium project, in the heart of the Centropolis in Laval, allows you to live many unforgettable activities just a step away from home. Will you enjoy it during the holiday season this year?